Security Solutions

Ramsa offers a wide range of security services, availability and recovery services that provide integrated business continuity and security solutions to support your complex networking environments. We help organizations design, deploy, manage and evolve networks, systems and applications that are reliable and contain security features designed to help protect against cyber-attacks and business interruptions. Most security services react to attacks after they have occurred and attempt to minimize and contain damage. Ramsa employs a preventative approach to help identify attacks and manage intrusions proactively by providing products and personnel to:
Assessing vulnerabilities
Proactively scanning for potential attacks
Helping to protect against unauthorized access
Quickly responding to and reporting suspicious activities

Key to this preventative approach is the ability to not only collect data, but also to analyze, interpret and communicate it on a near real-time basis to help respond to the incident.As the scope of cyber-attacks becomes more complex and creates more pervasive damage,prevention rather than containment becomes more attractive to the bottom-line.We provide a unique and world-class portfolio of compliance and related security services. Our experience, expertise and commitment to open standards have established us as a strategic and
trusted advisor. Ramsa Security Consulting provides solutions that allow you to operate your security operations more efficiently. We work as a trusted team to provide knowledge based services. Our consultants have industry and security expertise that can be utilized to complete short and long term engagements.